Broyhill rating explained

In an effort to help and assist you in identifying the finest in luxury products I have created a means of quantifying the popularity of each posted offer in your newsfeed. This 5 star rating service reinforces my efforts to bring to your attention the finest and most popular brand product offerings. You then can buy with confidence. Most social media tools available measure the general public’s interest in a product offer and only reflect “shares and likes” from those people not necessarily in the market to purchase. We have determined that our upscale shopping members are a better source of a recommendations as they are brand loyal or brand specific in their shopping and by joining Luxury Buys Today they are proven active buyers.

Once per day, for all the offers we calculate a Standardized Rating (SR). The Standardized Rating helps us calculate a “Broyhill Star Rating” for each offer listed on the LBT website.

The Standardized Rating – SR “searches” through all the offers posted in the last 7 days for all the brands and determines the most popular offer. The most popular offer is determined by tracking the number of offer (post) shares and the number of views for that offer.

The formula for Standardized Rating – SR is:

SR = max(10 * number of offer shares + number of offer views)

* calculated for offers posted in the last 7 days

The Standardized Rating value is obtained by multiplying the number of offer shares by 10 and then adding that value to the number of offer views.

E.g: The most popular offer on LBT, in the last 7 days, has 50 shares and 200 views.

The Standardized Rating will be (10 * 50 + 200) = 700.

Having calculated the Standardized Rating value, we are now able to calculate a “Broyhill Star Rating” for each offer listed on the website, in relation to that value.

We will use the same formula as above to determine a rating value for every offer.

Let’s say we have another offer in Audi with 10 shares and 50 page views.

The rating value for that offer will be (10 * 11 + 150) = 260.

We take that rating value and divide it by the Standardized Rating value (700 in our example).

That is 260 / 700 = 0.37. The Rating value – Standardized Rating value ratio will always have a value between 0 and 1.

To get the final number of stars, you have to multiply the above ratio with the maximum number of stars (5) and round the value to the nearest integer.

E.g: 0.37 * 5 = 1.85, rounded to the nearest integer equals 2 stars.

By default, all the offers are programmed to have at least 1 star. Even if an offer has 0 social shares and 0 page views, that offer will still be rated with one star.

The formula is:

Star Rating = round(((10 * number of post shares + number of page views) / max_for_the_week_for_brand) * 5)