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Historic Broyhill
3540 Clemmons Rd
Clemmons, North Carolina 27012

Edgar Broyhill

About Edgar Broyhill, Founder

Four generations have defined their lifestyles with their purchase or inheritance of Broyhill Furniture making this brand one of the largest in the entire home furnishings industry. Since 1926 this consumer product line has defined Americana by its enduring quality of design and reliability. The founder’s namesake and grandson, Edgar Broyhill, evolved the family tradition by sharing internationally only the finest quality home furnishings by introducing the convenience of in-home catalog shopping impacting the way furniture is sold in America. His many designer collections truly popularized the upscale consumer market. Most notable, The Mission Ranch Collection designed for the actor Clint Eastwood, was praised by Oprah Winfrey in a TV interview of Edgar Broyhill as “America’s most beautiful and enduring”. Broyhill’s originals have graced the cover of Architectural Digest and other designer publications alike. Well known celebrity customers other than Clint Eastwood and Oprah go back in time to the silver screen stars Lauren Bacall, Cliff Robertson, Telly Savalas, and Jason Robards; fashion icons Eileen Ford and Calvin Klein; sports stars Arnold Palmer, Roger Maris and Walter Peyton; and, of course, Presidents Gerald and Betty Ford and George H.W. and Barbara Bush. Broyhill’s iconic name graces the most celebrated homes in America with a unique sense of style and class.

Luxury Buys Today is a new Broyhill creation where his editorial on quality and value can be publicly shared to a universe of brand conscious consumers. This is truly a quintessential Online Magazine featuring only the finest brands of luxury in Automotive, Fashion, Home Décor, and Home Properties . Additionally, he has carefully recruited across the nation a local concierge service of only Authorized Brand Consultants who provide you the convenience of the finest product offerings closest to you at the very best price. You can share this wonderful experience by subscribing to Luxury Buys Today.

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